Preventive Dental Hygiene

Preventive Dental Hygiene - Penn’s Commons Dental Group, Reading, PA

Good dental hygiene is a combination of education and desirable treatment. Here at Penn’s Commons we strive to provide the highest quality care and build relationships with our patients starting with their first visit as an infant. As your child grows, we can accommodate their needs through their teen years stressing good nutrition and addressing any developmental concerns such as orthodontics. With our adult patients we continue to encourage the fundamentals we know to be key for your long term oral health. Maturity can bring other concerns such as dry mouth due to medication and general tooth wear.

We recommend a teeth cleaning visit to identify and prevent a variety of oral health issues. We start by reviewing your dental concerns and medical history. The hygiene visit includes a thorough prophylaxis (cleaning), periodontal assessment and oral cancer screening. The examination includes checking for decay, wear, cracks, problems with existing fillings and crowns. Dental x-rays are necessary to detect conditions which cannot be detected during a visual exam. In order to maintain optimal dental hygeine, your hygienist will instruct you on home care techniques as well as dietary considerations.

Our hygienists customize all appointments to meet the specific needs of our patients. They are skilled in all aspects of periodontal therapies, from six month preventative visits to non-surgical deep cleanings.

Your teeth are an investment meant to last a lifetime!

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