Children’s Dentistry

The transition from infant care to children’s dentistry is an important one here at Penn’s Commons. We realize there can be some anxiety as young children sometimes associate the dentist with going to the doctor. Depending on the maturity of your child, we recommend a Teddy Bear Visit around age 3. This serves as fun, comfortable introduction to our office by one of our dental hygienists.

At their first cleaning visit, we will access their individual needs, review brushing/ flossing and possibly take x-rays. Since this will be the first time they meet the dentist, this fun appointment makes all of this a whole lot easier! Remember, this is an important time for the development of your child’s teeth and their future dental health.

If it’s determined that further treatment is needed for your child we offer nitrous oxide for their comfort.
We always look forward to getting to know our newest patients!

Penn’s Commons Dental Group has provided the Reading/Berks area with children’s dentistry and other general dental services for over 35 years.