Mini Implants

Mini Implants have changed the face of implant placement. Unlike conventional implant placement where multiple dental visits are required, MIs can be placed and a denture can be fitted the same day. The most common use for MIs is the stabilization of dentures. They act as an anchor so there is no longer any need for denture adhesives.

What are mini implants?

A MI is a tiny dental implant (similar to a screw) that is designed to act in place of a natural tooth root. MIs are generally constructed from titanium. The head portion of the implant looks very much like a ball. On the day the implants are placed, a retaining mechanism is also added to the denture and together this holds the denture in place. The denture sits comfortably on the gum tissue.

What are the advantages of MDI placement?

MIs are a true innovation for denture wearers. Depending on the quality and density of jawbone available at the implant site, four of these mini implants may be implanted at one time. Unlike full implants, MIs don’t require surgery. The most common use for MIs is to stabilize a lower denture, however they can be placed anywhere in the mouth.

How are mini dental implants placed?

The whole mini dental implant placement procedure takes approximately one hour. Generally, in the case of lower jaw implants, three to four MIs will be placed using a local anesthetic. Prior to inserting MIs, the dentist will use many diagnostic and planning tools to find the optimal place to implant them.

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