Infant Dentistry

We recommend the first dental visit to be within six months after the eruption of the first tooth or by age one, which follows the standard of care guidelines for Infant Dentistry with in Pennsylvania. The average first dental visit is typically at age three, however this is often too late and decay is already present. Dental decay is the most chronic disease in children, five times more common than asthma. It leads to pain and infection as well as problems with speech, growth, development and self- esteem.

We prefer if the parent assists in the examination to provide the child with comfort and security. After reviewing the child’s health history, we will conduct an examination with a dental mirror as well as discuss habits such as thumb sucking and pacifier use. We will go over what to do in the event of injury and thoroughly review diet, snack and beverages. In addition, we will demonstrate tooth brushing, flossing and discuss fluoride.

It is important to add your child to your dental insurance at birth so they are ready for their first visit. When scheduling an appointment, consider your child’s nap time to choose an hour that works best for them. Do not be discouraged if your child cries, it helps us see in their mouth when it is wide open.

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