Dental Insurance

At Penn’s Common Dental Group, Each of our administrative staff members can assist  with the efficient utilization of your dental insurance.   Dental insurance is a benefit for the patient as well as a contract between the patient and carrier.

Carriers generally have yearly maximums, deductibles and co-pay amounts.  In addition, there may be some procedures not covered at all.   Our staff has a very comprehensive knowledge of insurance plans.   However, we cannot possibly know every detail about the multitude of dental plans available.  We encourage our patients to discuss your policy’s coverage and limitations directly with the carrier or your employer.   Recommendations for treatment are never based on insurance company benefits, but on each patient’s individual desires and needs.   Since insurance companies pay based on a fee schedule,   the “usual, customary and reasonable” re-imbursements are based on information gathered from the previous one to three years.  Therefore, our fees may not coincide with insurance company fee schedules.

Our office will submit your claims electronically as a courtesy to you.  If the carrier does not pay a portion of the bill, the balance is the responsibility of the patient/subscriber.

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